Originally released only as part of the ARES Deluxe SCAR set, it was later released separately and now it has become available as a stand alone version with EGLM launcher coming bundled with a railed pistol grip and stock frame. 

The ARES EGLM is a 40mm launcher which takes standard airsoft 40mm Moscart shells of any length. It features a highly ergonomic design and trigger ring and safety. The barrel tilts for easy loading and has a rotating lug locking system. The rail attachment points are of the quick detach type and does mount onto standard Airsoft RAS rails but may have trouble with shallower rails (i.e.: will fit Ares Scar L and H, not guaranteed to fit other Rails). 

The extended trigger ring also makes attachment to some shorter weapons an issue as it will have to be mounted forward, clear of the magazine. The stock is extendable; released from lock by twisting counter clockwise before being pulled out, then twist back clockwise again to lock in place. The quick detach throw levers allow it to be removed from the frame though it is a bit fiddly. 

The frame has four surfaces of accessory rails although the bottom one is entirely occupied by the launcher. This allows the addition of flashlights, lasers and optics if you wish. The frame has a rail attach grenade launcher style tangent iron sight. This model comes in tan as well as a black version. 

This launcher does not come with a grenade so be sure to shop for one (or more) if you have no 40mm Moscart shells already. 

MODE: Single Shoot / Safe

MATERIAL: Nylon Fiber + Aluminium alloy

LENGTH: 518 / 642 / 670mm WEIGHT: 2680g

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ARES EGLM Stand Alone Grenade Launcher (Tan)

  • Brand: ARES
  • Product Code: ARES EGLM Stand Alone Grenade Launcher (Tan)
  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • £266.00

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