• Enola Gaye Mk5 Thunderflash

Enola Gaye Mk5 Thunderflash training grenade 

Percussion only 

Friction ignition

100% Bio-degradable

EnolaGaye noise rated as 6/10

Mk5 THUNDERFLASH FOR OUTDOOR USE ONLY BY PERSONS 18 YEARS OF AGE AND OVER Description and Effect Diameter: 20 ± 3mm Effect: Bang with Flash. Length: 200 ± 5mm Effect Duration: Instant Gross Weight: 35 ± 10g Noise: < 120 dB(A)Imax @10m Net Explosive Content (N.E.C): 0.5g Safety Delay: 4 – 6 Seconds Safety Distance: 10 m

Safety advise

 Instructions for Use Misfire & Disposal Misfire: Do not return to it or pick up for at least 5 minutes. Soak in a bucket of water to await disposal. Disposal: Submerge in a bucket of water to allow the water to enter the product. Leave soaking outside in a secure area for a minimum of 48 hours. Dispose of the water waste and the solid waste(s) separately and in accordance with local, regional or national regulations. Packing, Transport and Storage Items per Outer Carton: 200 Proper shipping name: Articles Pyrotechnic for technical purposes Carton Dimensions: 42x 30x 23 cm Hazard Class: 1.4 Carton *NEC: 0.001 Kg Compatibility Group: G Carton Net Weight: 7 Kg UN number: 0431 Carton Gross Weight: 8 Kg Packing Group: II Packing Instruction: 135 Storage Classification: Hazard Type 4 Ship Only by courier registered to carry Class 1 Goods Storage of > 5Kg NEC will require a storage registration or License. DO NOT Send these items through the postal system. DO NOT take these items on Aircraft or Ferries * This is the Net Explosive Content of outer shipping carton. Twist then slide off cap. Strike fuse tip With striker on the cap. Sparks are Emitted from the fuse. Immediately throw device in required direction observing safety notes and warnings. After approximately 4 – 6 s from ignition the device explodes. 4 – 6s Eye and Hand protection required.

 Safety Distance = 10 m  Wear eye and hand protection  Keep away from sources of heat, sparks and open flames  Do Not Use near easily flammable material e.g. fuel, tinder dry foliage.  DO NOT throw at animals.  The manufacturer will not accept liability whatsoever where these pyrotechnics are misused or where the product has been tampered with and/or customised.  Handle with Care, Do Not subject to grinding, shock or friction.  Once ignited and deployed Do Not return to the device within 5 minutes.  Do Not Use in Public or Sports Places without the proper authorisation.

Weekend Warrior Airsoft is NOT resposible for misuse of pyro products. You agree to being over 18yrs of age at time of purchase and agree to the use of such devices at professional sports fields for the use of airsoft skirmish and milsim use only. Failure to do so will make the user liable to any law enforcement action taken.

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Enola Gaye Mk5 Thunderflash

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